An Honest Look at the Cat Genie


There are various different pets that a person can choose to own, but out of all of them, cats are one of the most favorite pets for people to have. One reason is because compared to most pets; cats are very independent which means they are less work to have.

The only thing that most people don’t like about cats is the smell of their waste. Something must be done to keep your home from smelling like stinky cat later, right! Definitely, so in this case, the cat genie was invented.

The Cat Genie

The Cat Genie is a litter box that cleans and flushes on its own on a regular cycle so that you don’t have to worry about that stinky litter smell. This special flushable litter box is installed by connecting it to your water supply. You are only able to use a special type of flushable litter so that it does not clog your water supply pipes when you get ready to flush it.

The genie includes sanitizer and granules which are used for filter and cleaning out your cat’s flushable litter box. There are three different settings that you can use for your convenience. The first setting is the automatic setting. With this setting there is no need for you to press anything for the litter box to flush. It does it all on its own throughout various times during the day.


The best part is that you can choose how many times in one day that you want the litter to clean. The second setting is the “Start” button that you can press to flush the litter; you control the cleaning process in this step. The Cat Activation mode is the last mode that you can choose and this is the mode that allows the litter box to flush and clean only when it really needs too.

As your cat uses this flushable litter box, the waste will build up. The Cat genie knows when it is time to clean the litter box so it adds water to the waste bin and breaks everything down with the liquid so that it is easy to flush.

After it flushes down the wastes, the genie begins to use the sanitizer to clean the litter box out. Once it is clean then it starts to dry with a heated dryer that heats quickly.


There are two different versions of the Cat Genie that you can choose from, there’s the 60 version and the 120 version. The 60 is the older model of the genie, while the 120 is the new and improved model. Whichever one you prefer can be found online at various different websites.

You can usually find the cat genie 60 older models on auction sites such as EBay; here you can also compare prices and quality of used items. These automated litter boxes come with accessories and refills as well. One optional accessory that you can purchase for your automated litter box is the dome, which covers the litter box which is better for keeping foul odors inside.

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